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  • Vault protection
  • Base, Mount, Remote & Cables packed in crate
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Our Export Crate is perfect for moving your Flat Panel Television and Curved Panel Television by offering full protection and room for the accessories at a low price.

You can also buy direct from us Cash-n-Carry the crate and packing materials you will need HERE.


  • Foam lined crate with corner guards for TV
  • Anti-static screen protector placed over TV inside crate
  • Flat screen television in solid wall crate ready to move.
  • Smartboard TV before crating
  • Identification label on smart television
  • View of open crate with Smartboard television wrapped in anti-static foam
  • Smart television packed in crate with 2 inch foam lining to protect it during transport
  • LCD Flat panel TV on blanket getting wrapped in paper pad before placing in crate.
  • Samsung curved television packed in solid wall crate with large foam blocks protecting corners and supporting bottom
  • Plasma TV with base, remote and power cord fully wrapped and sitting in crate at home in Overland Park KS  66212
  • LG LED TV packaged for loading into crate at home in Kansas City MO  64146
  • Paper wrapping is placed over LCD TV screen to protect it before bubble wrapping.
  • LCD TV fully packed in crate ready for shipment at home in Olathe KS  66062
  • Solid wall export crate for moving flat panel tv.
  • Packaging protects the TV during handling, crate protects the TV during transport.
  • Large flat panel TV sitting in entertainment center before crating.
  • Removing HDMI cable and power cord before paper wrapping flat panel TV to pack in export crate for shipment.
  • Heavy duty paper pads protect screen while bubble wrapping for placing in crate.
  • After bubble wrap TV is stretch wrapped as a moisture barrier and to keep packaging in place while loading into wood crate.
  • Fully wrapped flat panel TV loading into wood crate.
  • Sitting fully wrapped flat panel tv on foam lining in wooden crate.
  • Preparing TV for crating.
  • Crate sitting on carboard in carpeted home for flat panel tv.
  • After fully protected TV is placed in crate additional paper is placed on top before adding base and power cord to crate.
  • Before closing crate with lid showing all parts to TV securely packed into wood crate for shipping.
  • International crates can be opened for inspection by customs if needed.
  • Wood crate resting on cardboard in garage.
  • Cardboard is placed over screen to protect it during handling.
  • Top voew of television inside crate before additional packing is used for void fill.
  • Shows foam lining on bottom of crate for shock absorption.
  • Top view of television packed with stand inside wood crate.
  • Crate marked for transport staged on carboard for loading by mover.
  • Our crates include packing all the parts to a television.
  • Additional packing paper is placed on top of TV so items are snug inside crate during transport.
  • Crate sitting on carboard marked for transport.
  • Crate company closing tv crate before labels
  • Finished crate with television inside ready for moving.
  • Crate company packing television.
  • Crates are marked with shipping symbols for handlers.
  • Export crate ready for transport.
  • Plasma TV in older entertainment center being removed for crate.
  • TV reinstalled after crating and moving in Kansas City