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  • Full Piano service
  • Vault like protection
  • International Shipping

Our Export Crate is the standard for economical international shipping.

Stretch wrapping provides a moisture barrier for sea shipments, and our custom crates can include forklift access.

Crating your Piano by Kansas City Crates gives you the ultimate protection when transporting both near and far.

  • Industrial Export Crate being loaded by forklift at KansasCityCrates.com
  • GoPro camera view of piano before pre handling inspection of Soundboard, Double Escapement Action, Sustain and Una Corda Keyboard Shift
  • Removing keyblocks, keyslip and keyvoard cover of Estonia 1893 baby grand piano to prepare for transport
  • Locking piano keys for transport
  • Removing pedal support structure and backstays
  • Securing lid prop for transport
  • Body of piano is wrapped before crating
  • Piano being loaded onto piano board for moving into crate
  • Moving piano out of home into garage for crating
  • Kansas City Crater stands guard over paino in export industrial crate
  • Desiccant added to crate for sea shipping purchased from Uline
  • Open view of crate showing piano on piano board and its internal bracing
  • Kansas City Crates personnel closing export industrial crate
  • Lid of crate raised into position
  • Finished export industrial wood crate for shipping to Stockholm Sweden
  • Expoct crate being moved on dollies by transportation specialists
  • Removing lid from Steinway and Sons Parlor Grand piano to service before crating.
  • Keys and hammers are locked before crating.
  • Circa 1960 signature of Henry Ziegler Steinway on piano plate shown with lid raised.
  • Preparing piano pedals and body before crating.
  • Before legs and pedals are removed to pack piano into indestructible box crate.
  • Removing MIDI player and pedals before crating piano.
  • Piano is wrapped in blankets, then stretch wrapped to hold blankets in place before loading in wood crate.
  • Front of Yamaha upright piano removed as well as lower panel that covers soundboard
  • Yamaha upright piano is covered with furniture blankets before crating for international shipment
  • Piano wrapped in Dolphin pad foam laminate and furniture pads secured by stretch wrap loading into foam lined heat treated ISPM-15 international shipping crate for destination UK.
  • Piano is serviced before covered with blankets and stretch wrapping to protect finish
  • Piano in solid wall crate sitting on flooring protection ready for loading
  • International solid wall crate is reinforced with steel banding
  • Solid wall crate is secured with steel strapping that uses tripple seals on each steel band
  • A. M. McPhail Company upright piano with stained glass fronts over lower soundboard and upper hammer rails before servicing to pack and crate.
  • C. Bechstein piano with acid free tissue paper covering entire surface, stretch wrap holding paper in place, and starting bubble wrap process before packing and crating.
  • Fully wrapped fine upright piano in export crate for shipment to Barcaldine Australia
  • Sauter piano in play before service to pack and crate.
  • Packing the soundboard of fine Sauter Upright piano before crating.
  • Sauter upright piano packed with tissue paper to protect soundboard during transport in wood crate.
  • Paper wrapped, bubble wrapped and stretch wrapped Sauter piano before loading into export crate.
  • Moving piano into wooden export crate for shipping to Germany
  • Wooden export crate with shipping symbols for export.
  • Fully packed upright piano crate on property protection in home waiting for loading.
  • Pedals on baby grand piano before service
  • Felt hammers and strings are packed before moving upright piano.
  • Paper wrapping digital piano before crating.
  • Second layer of protection used before packing into crate.
  • Stretch wrap prevents moisture when shipping by sea.
  • Foam lined vault like export crate for shipping digital piano.
  • Paper, bubble, stretch wrapped digital piano in export crate for international shipping.
  • Bracing boards hold piano inside foam lined crate.
  • Once stretch wrapped, the piano is marked to help handlers removing from crate to prevent damage.
  • Attaching lid on vault like wood crate containing fully serviced and packed digital piano.