on location title graphic safeguards title graphic
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Jamb Guards and Blankets protect doorways, walls and anything we passby.
  • Flooring protection before, during & after service
  • On-board generators that allow independent electical operation at any address.
  • No extension cord or air line hazzards to keep the work area and loading zone safe!
  • Vehicles marked with traffic cones if off street parking is not available.
  • We keep our appointments!
  • large cardboard protects the interior walls of condo during crate service
  • Heavy cardboard protects hardwood floor in condo on the Country Club Plaza
  • Tall cardboard protects the built in appliances in kitchen of condo so workers can stage crates for shippingk
  • Condo is protected by cardboard on walls and floor with crates waiting to be packed
  • When packing crates in the garage next to a vehicle, blankets are placed over the vehicle to protect it during work
  • Before removing large painting over piano, furniture blankets cover the piano to protect it.
  • Once crates are finished they are left on cardboard to protect the floor.
  • After billiard table is disassembled, all parts are left on cardboard to protect the floor.
  • 2 Large chandelier wood crates are sitting on cardboard in home waiting for shipping.
  • Garage floor protected with cardboard before crates are staged on them.
  • During a crate project, the packing area is kept clean and free of safety hazards.
  • Crate project work area with flooring protection
  • A condition report is done on each item before crating.
  • Jambguards are special furniture blankets designed to clamp on door jambs to protect them while moving crates
  • Jambguard used to protect wood rail on staircase during crate job
  • All doorway in the path of work area are protected with jambguards during service
  • Jambguards protecting 2 doorways into bedroom where oil painting is wrapped for wood crate.
  • Paperless billing with on-site productivity via Miscrosoft Office
  • Crate truck parked in front of home on Ward Parkway in Kansas City MO.
  • Blankets are laid out on floor before placing brown paper used to wrap items for crating.
  • Blankets are placed on floor before packing mirror into wooden crate.
  • Internal braces added to wood crate that is resting on furniture blanket.
  • After crate is sealed it is moved from the furniture blanket onto thick cardboard until it is loaded into truck.
  • Moving crate to staging are and sitting on cardboard.
  • Blankets laid on floor before moving crate to pack painting.
  • Wood export crate laying on furniture blanket with craters packing bubble wrap and foam inside to protect it.
  • We lay out blankets on concrete garage floors too!
  • Fine stone floor with furniture blankets laid out before using area to wrap items for crates.
  • Blanket placed on kitchen floor before removing antique serving bowl from top of cabinets.
  • Crater working on blankets covering the floor wrapping lithograph in paper pads.
  • Focal speaker being wrapped in paper while sitting on furniture blanket protecting floor.
  • Cardboard placed under wood crate on hardwood floor
  • Wood crate laying on blanket with crater screwing lid closed.
  • Cardboard under wooden crate sitting on carpet
  • Crater closing domestic slat crate while working on cardboard in garage.
  • Foam lining crate while crater works on garage floor protected by cardboard.
  • Packing crate with a furniture blanket protecting tile floor.
  • All floors are always protected during service.
  • Closing crate while the carpeted floor is protected by a blanket
  • Crate and all tools are kept on blanket to keep new carpet clean
  • Furniture and flooring protection during service
  • Hardwood floor is protected by thick cardboard
  • Crate with shock sensor and shipping symbols sit on cardboard to protect the floor
  • Lots of packing supplies are carried to complete every job the first time.
  • Moving longcase clock wrapped in paper along terrace at home overlooking Loch Lloyd
  • View overlooking Loch Lloyd as craters carry clock to packing area.
  • Crater wrapping hand carved wood elephant before packing into crate.