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See also Heat Shrink

Steel banding or strapping is a very cost effective transportation solution to safely secure bulk items that don't require crating.

Our on-site service steel bands your palletized loads or reinforces your existing crates.


  • 3/4" High Tensile steel
  • 3,500 lbs break strength
  • Double notched seals for superior strength.
  • Poly strapping available too (500 lbs break strength)
  • Wrapping steel strapping around export crate containing granite table top
  • Aligning steel strapping on export crate.
  • Feeding steel strap through tensioner on export crate
  • Adding seal to steel strap after tensioning.
  • Tightening strap on middle of export crate.
  • Adding second seal on steel strap for safety.
  • Close up view of seal crimped on export crate.
  • Appling seal on steel strap under tension on export crate.
  • Overhead view of tightening seal on steel strap of export crate containing marble top.
  • Removing heavy duty tensioner with two seals on steel strap.
  • Excess streel strap neatly trimmed from export crate.
  • Close up view of two seals crimped in place on steel strapping.
  • Finished export crate reinforced with steel straps.
  • Moving large export crate containing granite top after securing with 3 steel straps.
  • Moving steel strap reinforced export crate next to other crates.
  • Top view of steel band securing go-kart onto platform of industrial crate
  • Skeleton crate frame on machinery steel banded to rough oak pallet.
  • Open frame crate used for protection on machinery that is steel banded to rough oak pallet.
  • Steel strapping over machine on wood pallet.
  • Wood reinforced corner guards protecting machine from steel banding used to hold it on shipping skid.
  • Corner guards on machinery steel banded to pallet being transported by forklift.
  • Forklift approaching pallet with steel base.
  • Positioning rough oak pallet under granite machine base top for forklift.
  • Granite base protected by open frame style crate being steel banded to rough oak shipping pallet.
  • Double notch seals on vertical steel strapping with horizontal steel strap added to open frame crate for granite machine base top.
  • Adding second steel strapping to machinery on pallet.
  • Two double notched seals on high tension steel strap over open frame crate on machinery.
  • Granite machine top on rough oak pallet with open frame style crate steel strapped with double notch seals before stretch wrapping.
  • Top slats applied to open frame crate to protect steel strapping during handling and transport.
  • Skeleton frame crate protecting granite top steel strapped onto pallet.
  • Stretch wrapping open frame crate steel strapped onto pallet with corner guards.
  • Covering top of open frame crate with stretch wrap.
  • Open frame crate steel banded to rough oak pallet stretch wrapped and ready for transport.
  • Feeding steel straps into tensioner on bulk container for export.
  • Crimping seals onto steel strapping around bulk container for export.
  • Crimping steel straps on side of bulk container for export.
  • Appling second seal on steel strapping over side of export crate.
  • Removing excess steel strapping from bulk container
  • Bulk crate container on cart with steel strapping for reinforcement.
  • Additional steel strapping added to bulk crate container.
  • Tensioner on steel strapping with seals being applied.
  • Finished export vault loaded on cart with steel strapping and extra seals.
  • Steel banded export crate.