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Moving Artwork is a risky and difficult task.

Original pieces, odd dimensions and delicate construction requires specialized packing and handling.

Kansas City Crates fully protects your Artwork during the entire relocation process that includes shock sensors to monitor handling.

  • Handmade Crown of Thorns symboling that placed on Jesus Christ's head during his crucifixion.
  • Open view of crate to show rigging to protect delicate thorns during transport.
  • Silver heart on sparkly silver screen
  • Packing bittersweet romantic sign with neon center
  • Bittersweet ramoantic neon sign flashes forever then blinks and only the letter spell over
  • Photo of Kate Moss being removed from wall
  • Large photo of Kate Moss rotated to carry out of room
  • Kate Moss photo passing under Pergola
  • Kate Moss photo being laid down into crate on dolphin wrap
  • Kate Moss photo wrapped in crate
  • Craters pack Kate Moss Photo before closing
  • Peter Lik fine art photo on glass
  • Peter Lik Fine Art on glass inside crate for shipping
  • Jane Mansfield, Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe
  • 3D cotton art handled by KansasCityCrates packers wearing white cotton gloves
  • Kansas City Crates personnel cover wrapped artwork with bubblewrap before closing crate
  • Marlon Brando and Al Pachino photos under glass
  • Photo of Marlon Brando packed in crate
  • Photo of Al Pachino packed in crate
  • Painted by Red Skelton a self portrrait of Red Skelton
  • Hand carved wood sculpture of mother holding child.
  • Woman Robot artwork hanging on wall  by video artist Nam June Paik at home in Olathe KS before crating and moving to Sandiego CA.
  • Delicate coral from the Great Barrier Reef territory of Bramble Cay crated at home in Mission Hills KS 66208
  • Exquisite coral from the Great Blue Hole with magnificient polyps clusters
  • Two tigers painted on silk in gold guilded frame
  • Angel feathers art in flower blossom pattern over bed in Mission Hills KS 66208 before crating for international shipment to Park Mansion Hinokicho-Koen for Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son
  • Arca-Swiss camera black and white photo with highlighted color of monk in doorway of ancient ruin before crating
  • Finely carved Japanese Dragon in Reddish Marble
  • Sculpture in Folly Theater during restoration
  • CNC Machined signature art interpretation of the Declaration of Independence at Mission Hills KS 66208 home of collector Marcelo Claure.
  • Arca-Swiss camera photos on wall before crating
  • Painted glass panel with 6 poppys
  • Vincent van Gogh reproduction of Starry Night in large silver frame
  • Collection of 180 Pez dispensers in wood display case
  • Split image of Peacock over stairwell and in cpecial built crate for relocation
  • One of a kind artwork created by Hallmark artist for donation to charity raffle
  • Artwork is crated at Hallmark Artist home for donation to charity auction
  • Replica of family pet being wrapped before packing in wood crate for domestic shipping
  • Hand painted plaster sculpture of female torso hanging on wall at home in Blue Springs MO before crating and shipment to New York NY.
  • Fully wrapped female torso before lowering into crate.
  • Open view of wood box vault crate fully packed before closing with lid for inspection through customs.
  • Mother Mary with vessel of water for Jesus Christ during the Passion.
  • Reptile green pattern on outside and blood red inside.
  • 2 views of Tall wood giraffe carving showing before and after crate packing.
  • Finely detailed artwork of dog and puppy with slobber on mouths.
  • Religious wood carved statue of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.
  • Bronze statue of Umberto Granaglia, Bocce ball player.
  • 2 views of Limoges enameled vase being prepared for packing in crate.
  • Jesus Christ crucified fine ivory sculpture on red velvet plaque.
  • Venetian glass figure of boy and girl at fountain.
  • Framed song list of Bridges to Babylon tour for The Rolling Stones.
  • Framed and under glass european tapestry prepared for crating.
  • Fully wrapped european tapesty with moisture barrier being packed in crate at Lawrence KS home.
  • Lithograph of Dancer made in Germany.
  • Silver and mahogany crufix on stand at home in Mission Hills KS.
  • 5 panel laser offset lithography at home in Lenexa KS before crating.
  • Small hand carved wood statue of a butler in kitchen at Lee's Summit home.
  • Fine art ancient doll being wrapped for packing in export crate.
  • Petticoat Lane Kansas City MO by Harzfields.