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Marble and Granite pieces are extremely heavy that require the strength of a wood crate and sometimes steel strapping to transport it safely.

We are experienced in the packing and crating of rare veined marble varieties, as well as dimensional, cultured, and architectural stone.

Our foam lined export crates provide vault like protection to ensure your valuable quarried rock can be handled conveniently during transportation, and arrives in it's same condition at it's destination.

  • Sienna marble top with Carrara marble inlaid trim.
  • Marble top from Quarrier in Greece
  • Marble top from Quarrier in Greece on paper for packing into export crate.
  • Mykines Marble packed and crated for transport.
  • Round Etowah marble top being wrapped for crate.
  • 20 foot outdoor comcrete estate tables under Pergola at home in Mission Hills KS
  • End view of 20 foot outdoor comcrete estate tables under Pergola at home in Mission Hills KS
  • Crate personnell move crate into position
  • Large concrete table is moved to crate with help from loading crew
  • Concrete table is placed on edge in crate
  • Dense thick foam surrounds concrete table
  • SUpporting frame is placed in crate
  • Crate is ringshank nailed closed
  • Second concrete table is prepared for crating
  • Tables are crated on-site
  • Vrate and loading personnel move second concrete table into crate
  • table is gently laid over in crate
  • 2 inch thick foam is placed in crate to protect table during amdling and transport
  • Foam is added to all sides of table
  • 1st table is moved in crate
  • Smaller concrete table before crating
  • Table tops and bases are crated
  • Open view of table bases in crates with foam lining
  • Smaller breakfast table is in solid wall crate
  • Open view of table base in crate surrounded by foam
  • Crates under Pergola ready for loading
  • Sienna marble top with Carrara marble inlaid trim on base before removal and crating.
  • Fine marble top on table base.
  • Craters removing Sienna marble top from base.
  • Wrapping marble top in paper before bubble and stretch wrapping.
  • Marble top fully packed in foam lined crate for shipping.
  • Crate sealed in wood crate for shipping.
  • Custom stone top before crating
  • Front of stone top is covered with a paper pad
  • 2 inch thick foam protects edge of stone top during shipping
  • Wood slats are placed inside solid wall crate to hold stone top and shipping foam in place
  • Stone top has vault protection during shipping
  • Heavy stone top is placed on cardboard protecting hardwood floor
  • Crate is placed on cardboard ready for loading
  • Dining room table top moved to garage for crating.
  • Inspecting cultured marble dining room table top before packing and crating for storage.
  • Protecting finish of large marble top before crating.
  • Foam lining export wooden crate for large marble top.
  • Large cultured dining room table marble top in wooden crate.
  • Packing crate with marble top.
  • Closing lid large crate containing marble top.
  • Wrapping steel strapping around export crate containing granite table top
  • Tightening strap on middle of export crate.
  • Appling seal on steel strap under tension on export crate.
  • Finished export crate reinforced with steel straps.
  • Large marble dining room table in wood crate reinforced by steel straps on runners and flooring protection.
  • Marble top on antique furniture base before packing and crating.
  • Marble wash basin in wood export crate for shipping.
  • Wooden crate labeled for transport.
  • 2 piece granite table at Law Firm conference room.
  • 1 of 2 heavy duty wood crates required for packing and shipping conference room talbe at law firm in Kansas City MO 64105
  • First half of granite conference table top wrapped for packing into heavy duty wood crate for shipping to California.
  • Positioning wood crate behind large granite table top in conference room.
  • Foam edges of granite top crate protect corners during handling.
  • Additional wood triangle blocks are added to wooden crate for additional strength and stability.
  • Crater screwing closed wood crate for granite conference room table.
  • Reinforcing wood crate with corner triangles for heavy granite table top.
  • Antique liquor cabinet with Bianco Sivec marble top before packing into solid wall wood crate for transport to Scottsdale AZ.
  • Dimensional stone marble top removed from base for crating.
  • Wrapping marble top for packing into wood crate.
  • Beveled edge on marble dining room table before packing and crating at home in Lenexa Kansas
  • Murphy marble top from Georia on antique table base before crating.
  • Creole marble table top and base before packing and crating.
  • Backside view of repaired Wunsiedel marble top getting wrapped in paper for crating.
  • Heavy marble column pedestal prepared for packing into wooden crate.
  • Foam wrapping large mable column pedestal with urn on top
  • Bracing marble column in solid wall wood crate.
  • Marble column in wood crate with rigging to secure it during transportation.
  • Craters removing large marble top from buffet at home in Shawnee KS 66227
  • Long sideboard piece of marble getting wrapped in paper at home in Shawnee KS  66227
  • Antique marble top from curio cabinet at home in Kansas City MO 64152
  • Special shock resistant crate built for fragile marble top removed from washboard at home in Kansas City MO  64157