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Chandeliers are expensive works of art with ornate craftsmanship and fragile arms that require crating before shipping.

Our Chandelier Crates offer vault like protection by fully enclosing the lighting fixture. The Chandelier hangs from a suspension bar inside the crate that is filled with Foam Peanuts to isolate it during transport.

All electrical work is performed by our on-staff licensed electrician.

  • Art Deco Chandelier that is a small scale replica of the Kansas City Power and Light Building comissioned by the architecture firm of Hoit, Price and Barnes for the 1931 downtown development.
  • Undressing lead crystal chandelier at home in Knob Noster MO  65336
  • Two views of fine art ormolu gold and lead crystal chandelier before crating at home in Leawood KS  66224
  • Open view of crate showing internal frame required to support heavy chandelier during transport.
  • Electrician removing canopy of chandelier to disconnect wiring at home in Leawood KS 66224
  • Electrician disconnecting wiring under canopy to remove chandelier and hang on brace inside export crate at home in Leawood KS 66224
  • Electrician removing wire nuts under canopy of chandelier  before lowering into crate.
  • Marking wiring connections of chandelier before lowering into crate.
  • Heavy duty hook on bracing inside export crate for chandelier transport.
  • Two views of ormolu  gold and lead crystal chandelier hanging on support brace with frame inside export crate.
  • Close up view of heavy chandelier hanging from brace reinforced by internal frame inside export crate.
  • Positioning bag for foam peanuts around chandelier hanging in crate to eliminate movement of fixture during transport.
  • Six branch fine chandelier with hanging bare from suspension bar inside export crate before packing with peanuts.
  • French chandelier hanging from export crate suspension bar before bagging with peanuts.
  • Two views of fine French porcelin chandelier fully bagged in foam peanuts hanging from brace inside export crate at home.
  • Chandelier crate filled with peanuts to eliminate movement during transport.
  • Top view of chandelier crate showing heavy duty hook and foam peanuts.
  • Lid fastened onto large chandelier crate that is marked for transport.
  • Wrapping crystal drops on French chandelabre Chandelier before packing and crating at home in Liberty MO 64068.
  • Two chandeliers fully packed and crated staged on cardboard wating for loading at home in Bates City MO  64011
  • Solid wall vault crates on flooring protection in mansion before shipping.
  • Two views of fine chandelier with crystal bags, drops and original bobeche drip pans before removal for crating.
  • Two waterfall fine crystal chandeliers hanging from cathedral ceiling in home before packing into vault crate for storage.
  • Two views of 9 branch antique chandelier hanging from ceiling and also inside export crate.
  • Chandelier hanging from suspension bar inside export crate being filled with foam peanuts.
  • Fully packed chandelier in export crate on flooring protection at Kansas City mansion.
  • Two views of custom 6 arm iron chandelier hanging from ceiling in dining room and also on suspension bar in export crate.
  • Screwing lid closed on solid wall export crate at home in Desoto KS  66018
  • Antique crate hanging in solid wall crate with bobeches protected with bubble wrap laying on top of biodegradable packing peanuts.
  • Fully packed antique chandelier protected with biodegradable packing peanuts in solid wall export crate.
  • Solid wall export crate containing chandelier on flooring protection at home in Lexington MO 64067
  • Florentine, Venetian and Early American chandeliers packed in export crates at home on flooring protection.
  • Wooden crates for international shipping of antique chandeliers at home in Kansas City
  • Two views of 30 arm alrge chandelier getting bagged for crating at home in Smithville MO  64089
  • Large football shaped custom iron chandelier hanging in conference room at stadium before building operations removed to pack in crate for storage.
  • Two views of a metal reinforced spire chandelier with 6 arms hanging on brace in export crate for shipping.
  • Two crates with fine porcelin chandeliers packed with foam peanuts for moving.
  • Two crates one with side open showing chandelier hanging in bag of foam peanuts, and the other crate without the lid in place showing the crate filled with foam peanuts.
  • Before and after picture of chandelier crate filled with foam packing peanuts.
  • Large chandelier crate with internal frame to hold heavy chandelier
  • Hand blown glass chandelier at Walt Disney World Orlando Florida
  • Fine lead crystal waterfall chandelier before removal and crating at home in Overland Park KS  66209
  • Waterford crystal chandelier hanging on ceiling before crating.
  • Waterford crystal chandelier on suspension bar inside export crate
  • Waterford crystal chandelier fully dressed with prisms, drip pans and shades before packing in crate with foam peanuts.
  • One with festoon by J. and L. Lobmeyr and the second  chandelier with 12 branches.
  • Protecting glass prisms with acid-free tissue paper before packing in crate for shipping.
  • Two views of open crate with chandelier packed with foam peanuts.
  • Small regency style chandelier with crystal bag and gold arms being disconnected from ceiling by electrician before crating.
  • Two views of large hoop chandelier on ceiling and also hanging from pole before crating.
  • Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier before crating at home in Olathe KS 66061
  • Two brass and crystal chandelier before packing and crating.
  • Two Venetian lantern chandeliers in Kansas City home before removal and crating.
  • Large lead crystal chandelier with festoon and bag with drops under arms.
  • Undressing chandelier to protect crystals before shipping in wood crate
  • Removing large crystal chandelier to ship
  • Protecting crystal chandelier with tissue paper before packing into crate
  • Exotic blown glass art chandelier hanging in corporate office in Lenexa KS  66220
  • Delicate hand made glass blown chandelier being removed for packing into wood crate for transport
  • Crate in truck for delivery to chandelier owner
  • Top and side of chandelier crate removed for easy loading
  • Chandelier removed from ceiling and haging on suspension hook in crate
  • Three monkey kings in circular formation with arms stretched holding lighted candelabras
  • Chandelier hanging in crate on suspension hook surrounded with bibble wrap
  • After surrounding chandelier with bubble wrap foam peanuts are poured in to fill void
  • Staff electrician on ladder removing chandelier over paino
  • Close up view of electrical work required to remove chandelier before packing into wood crate
  • Moving chandelier to new residence in solid wall wood crate filled with peanuts
  • Crate is opened on large tarp to capture all the foam packing peanuts