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At Kansas City Crates we take pride in every crate we manufacture. Our crates are made of all new materials carefully assembled for maximum strength.

Poor quality crates damage floors, injure handlers, and fail to protect the item inside.

As an uncrating service, we've seen some pretty ugly situations. We posted these pictures to educate the public what many other companies are selling.

Avoid a long claims process and get the ultimate protection for your valuables by choosing Kansas City Crates.

The bitter taste of poor quality lasts much longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.

  • Patched crate boards together that have come apart during transportion.
  • bottom of crate fell apart due to poor quality construction
  • boards not assembled square so crate can not stand on it's own
  • slat cut to short makes the corners weak
  • carpet fibers on bent staple from flooring damage
  • protruding screw heads damage floors and handlers
  • crate not assembled square rocks when set on floor
  • Marble top laying bare in wood crate with no protection.
  • crate too large for item inside
  • 5 boards on one corner that are split and don't line up
  • end board on slat crate left loose.
  • small pieces of foam is all that was used to protect glass
  • Mirror with no packaging and just small pieces of foam holding it inside the crate.
  • bare peice of marble inside crate unprotected
  • small piece of foam smashed flat from weight of glass table
  • Chandelier dumped in crate with paper in bottom
  • Crate too weak to hold marble top
  • crate with different size boards make it almost kidney shaped
  • crate came apart due to item inside too heavy for it's design
  • tape measure showing crate is smaller than dimension marked on crate which inflates price.
  • dirty packing material in tv crate
  • tape measure showing crate is smaller than dimension marked on crate which inflates price.
  • small piece of foam smashed flat from weight of glass table
  • foam placed in curved glass top fallen out leaving bare glass against wood crate board.
  • foam loose in crate giving no protection to desk top glass
  • 1 inch pieces of foam squares at bottom of crate.
  • side of cardboard crate with hole in it.
  • staple sticking out of boards can injure handlers
  • another staple sticking our side of crate to damage flooring or injure handlers
  • staple sticking out of crate side
  • staple sticking up from side board
  • high gloss finish cabinet damaged by wood slat against it
  • large crate for small item inflates cost to customer
  • crate board comes loose from poor assembly
  • moldy boards used to build this crate
  • crate assembled by skipping boards
  • paint damage on vase left in crate without any packaging.
  • crate cut in half and extended with patch boards
  • wood board against oil painting surface
  • large bare glass with lots of little pieces of foam loose in crate
  • crate too large for glass top
  • too soft of foam used and smashed flat from weight of painting.
  • foam squished by weight of oil painting
  • oil painting loose in crate
  • staple exposed crate can damage oil painting of injure handlers
  • half of large staple sticking out of crate to injure handlers
  • foam crushed by marble top
  • large round piece of glass in even larger crate on one piece of foam
  • flat panel tv sitting directly on wood crate with no foam or packaging.
  • small piece of glass loose in large crate.
  • small piece of foam crushed flat by large glass top
  • small glass top in large crate inflates price to consumer
  • small mirror in large crate inflates price to shipper
  • small coffee table glass loose in large crate
  • staple sticking out side of crate can injure handlers or damage floors
  • large staple sticking will injure handler
  • broken glass in curio cabinet next to poorly made crate
  • wood slat damages oil painting surface
  • crate board screwed to painting itself
  • side of crate board broken at knot in wood