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  • Shock Sensors
  • Fully Wrapped
  • Internal bracing
  • Forklift accessible on larger statues
  • Small marble replica of Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro Brazil before packing and crating.
  • Two views replica of Christ The Redeemer statue with paper and bubble wrap before crating.
  • Two views Christ The Redeemer statue stretch wrapped for moisture barrier and export crate void filled with paper pads.
  • Two views of export crate with replica marble statue of Christ The Redeemer
  • Moses and the 10 Commandments statue hand carved wood.
  • Statue created for the first Emperor of the first Chinese Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang, sitting on blankets and paper before crating.
  • Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army Archer statue ready for packing.
  • Two views of two stages of packing for export crate Terracotta Army Archer.
  • Two views of Terracotta Army Archer statue showing moisture barriers and crate shelf support for removed head.
  • Two views of Terracotta Army Archer statue showing final void fill with paper pads and once closed resting on cardboard waiting for loading.
  • Bronze statue of female dancer on marble base in yard at home Mission Hills KS  66208
  • Solid wall export crate in yard with bronze statue of dancer staged on carboard for packing.
  • Packing bronze statue of dancer to protect it inside crate during transport.
  • Wrapping and marking fragile pieces of bronze statue on female dancer for export crate.
  • Foam lined export crate in position to pack bronze statue fully wrapped in paper and bubble wrap for transport.
  • Two views of fully wrapped bronze statue showing before and after lid is screwed on to crate.
  • Packed crate with bronze statue of female dancer on dolly to load onto moving van.
  • Hand painted American Indian statue before wrapping for indestructible box crate at mansion in Kansas City MO  64129
  • Two views of antique American Indian Chief statue packing in crate at Kansas City Mansion.
  • Bubble wrapped American Indian Chief statue loading into export crate for storage.
  • Indestructible box crate for antique American Indian Chief at mansion in Kansas City MO  64129
  • Fine Montmartre statue for packing in export crate.
  • Statue near Kansas City Art Institute named A Fit of Sullenness to be packed in export crate for transport.
  • Concrete statues of Venus & David in garden by pool before crating.
  • Fountain of Japanese princess at Sento bath with angel watching at family pool in Kansas CIty for crating.
  • Bronze statue of Ḥawwāh, Hava, Eva, Eve, wrapped by the serpent at the Tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.
  • Triton fountain with 10 gallon bowl at family swimming pool in Shawnee Mission KS  66218
  • Large fountain of Triton blowing sea shell summoning all creatures of the sea in rose garden at family pool before crating.
  • Close up face view of Triton with running water through sea shell preparing for export crate.
  • Small asian stone statue before and after packaging
  • Small asian stone statue fully wrapped and packed into export crating with additional rigging.