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Kansas City Crates are veterns at crating your hunting trophies.

Watch our demonstration video and witness our expertise in this difficult area.

  • Head and neck of Bison taken in Utah
  • Large Elk head and horns in a split picture of open crate and closed crate
  • Head and coat of black bear held by crater in threatening pose
  • Bison head on pallet base with 2 sides of solid wall crate installed
  • Solid wall crates in garage of home to pack taxidermy for shipping to Rocklin CA 95765
  • Homeowner talk with craters as they are packing large Elk
  • Four craters put the finishing touches on Elf trophy
  • Sam our 2nd year summer intern who is in his Junior year at Rockhurst College for Mechanical Engineer
  • Interior supports are completed and craters raise lid onto Elk crate
  • 3 guys working one guy looks into video camera filming big crate job
  • Two side walls of Bison crate attached
  • Bison head is secured to the floor of the pallet base for transporting with a forklift if needed
  • Two craters raise the solid wall lid onto the Bison crate
  • Crate builder assembles lid on-site with Interchage brands pneumatic nailer
  • Bison and Elk crates before attaching front door panels
  • Garage full of nineteen solid wall crates of taxidermy collection
  • Both large crates are completed and in place with other crates
  • Single bird in flight braced inside crate protecting head, body and legs
  • 3 views of single bird in flight illustrating how taxidermy is properly braced and packed inside solid wall export crate
  • Condition report of 2 birds on mount
  • Side view of 2 birds on mount placed inside crate before blocking and bracing into place for shipping
  • Overhead view of 2 birds in flight secured to bottom of crate with lid supports to protect during transport
  • 2 birds on driftwood braced and blocked inside wood crate for transport
  • Three quarter view of 2 ducks being packed in solid wall crate
  • Side view of tall duck head braced inside crate with 9 boards covered in foam wrap.
  • Split image of a quail displaying the fine taxidermy craft of a bird giving you the bird
  • A dozen solid wall taxidermy crates ready for shipping
  • Large Elk on wall in hunting cabin before removal to pack in wood crate.
  • Trophy taxidermy mounted high on wall in hunting cabin.
  • Scaffolding is used to remove Elk head mounted on hunting cabin wall.
  • Craters lowering Elk down scaffolding to pack in wood crate.
  • Assembly of large wood crate on-site for shipping Elk.
  • Special wood crate for shipping large wood Elk.
  • Wood crate reinforced for shipping Elk.
  • Removing large Bison head from top of hunting cabin wall.
  • Packing bison head in large wood crate for transport.
  • Side of wood crate removed to mount Bison head for shipping.
  • Trophy game bird mounted on driftwood packed in wood crate.
  • Game bird with prairie grass and barbed wire mounted in wood crate.
  • Solid wall wood crate with game bird trophy mounted for transport.
  • Delicate packikng of game bird with bubble wrap in wood crate.
  • Steel straps over foam secure trophy pheasant to bottom of solid wall wood crate.
  • Crater positioning Elk into wood crate.
  • Fastening Elk into wood crate
  • Removing 8 point Buck mounted on wall to load into solid wall wood crate.
  • Deer head mounted in solid wall wood crate for shipping.
  • Foam blocks on antler tips and carton with packing material added to support throat and head during shipping.
  • Crating Impala head and horns in solid wall wood crate for moving.
  • Large Moosehead above fireplace before removing to ship in wood crate.
  • Large Sailfish, also mistaken as a Swordfish or Marlin, hanging in home before mounting in solid wall wood crate.
  • Wild Turkey taxidermy on tree branch for solid wall wood export crate.
  • Mounted fish on driftwood for wood crate
  • Pheasant game bird on wood plaque with barb wire trim
  • Removing Dorado game fish for wood crate.
  • Indestructible wood crate with Dorado fish mounted inside.
  • Removing Elk from wall for solid wall wood crate to ship at office in Kansas City MO 64105
  • 2 deer heads on wall with decorations before mounting in wood crate.
  • Front view of 8 point buck mounted in solid wall wooden crate before lid is attached.
  • 2 views of deer head mounted in wooden crate with appropiate space above antlers for safe shipping.
  • 10 foot long texas bull horns removed from shelf to mount in wood crate.
  • Steer horns with head before packing into wood crate.
  • Buffalo head and horns for solid wall wooden crate.
  • 11 texidermy items in hunting room before packing and crating.
  • Vault like protection solid wall wood crates for shipping taxidermy.