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Crating your Sports Memorabilia guarantees its safety while moving.

One of a kind items and rare collectibles can't be replaced.

At Kansas City Crates each crate is custom made to ensure correct fit and provide proper protection.

  • Trophy case at Big 12 Conference football team packed and crated by KansasCityCrates
  • Life size player in uniform at stadium crated for moving during rennovations
  • Large oil painting at stadium packed and crated during rennovations
  • Kansas CIty Crates safety compliance officer makes funny photo with cut resistance glove by posing index finger and thumb over hard hat of project manager
  • Packing large oil painting wearing protective helmets, safety gloves, safety vests, eye protection and steel toe boots
  • Crate personnel move hevy duty vault crate wearing steel toe boots, hard hats, safety glasses and cut resistant gloves
  • Personal protective equipment worn by crate builders when moving large wood crate
  • Crate builders in full person protection equipment packing Cottonbowl Trophy into wood crate
  • Safety gloves handle trophy by crate builders
  • Crate builders packing football trophy with personal protective equipment worn
  • Glass cabinet holding Governor's Cup trophy opened bu crate packers wearing hard hats, gloves, eye protection, safety vests and steel toe boots
  • Governor's Cup trophy removed from case and packaged for wood crate
  • Unpacking wood crate and removing championship trophy by workmen wearing personal protective equipment
  • Wood crate side wall removed by workmen wearing protective gloves to prevent injury
  • Crate builders unpack trophy and place into case while wearing personal protective equuipment to prevent workplace injury
  • Pool table in players lounge at football complex measured for slate crates
  • Packing trophy for wood crate
  • Field Scovell Trophy in display case before packing into wood crate for stadium renovation
  • Trophies packed into wood crates for moving during stadium renovations
  • Triple trophy cases with Safety Coordinator
  • Ground breaking at stadium renovation
  • On-site crate truck parked outside stadium
  • Glass cabinet with large trophies on display at Football Complex
  • Two views of trophies won by Big 12 Conference Football team
  • Autographed helmet in glass case before wrapping and shipping in wooden box crate.
  • Original Kansas City Athletics Pennant in glass case before crating.
  • Team autographed helmet on acid free tissue paper for wrapping before packing into wood crate.
  • Football helemt on acid free paper with Certificate of Authenticity being wrapped for packing into wood crate.
  • Autographed helmet shown with Certificate of Authenticity on paper before packing into wood crate for transport.
  • Autographed by Sonny Jurgensen Hall of Fame 1983 getting wrapped for packing into export crate.
  • The Miracle on Ice framed lithograph signed by hockey player being crated for transport.
  • Wrapping in paper framed 1972 Miami Dolphins helmet authenticity.
  • 2 Glass cases containing Baseball jersey of George Brett and Football jersey of Joe Montana, both autographed, being packed into wood crate for storage.
  • Glass case containing autographed football being packed into wooden export crate.
  • Packing Chicago Bears helmet in acid free paper for export crate.
  • Wood seats mounted on platform being measured for indestructible box crate.
  • Packing for crate small scale model of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.
  • Packing trophy for storage.
  • Recreation of Kansas City Chief's wide receiver Otis Taylor winning Superbowl IV
  • Small delicate wood figure of football player on playfield with glass case removed for crating.
  • Glass top removed from wood carving of winning football moment.
  • Crate packing football of the winning catch from Len Dawson to Otis Taylor.
  • Filling wood sculpture with foam peanuts before packing into indestructible box crate.
  • After filling sculptures with peanuts glass case is replaced and wrapped for indestructible box crate.
  • Adding foam peanuts to top of football trophy in indestructible box crate.
  • Sealing wood crate with football trophy inside.
  • Jersey case packing into wood crate.
  • Packing brass sculpture into crate.
  • Removing jersey from wall for crating.
  • 1962 AFL Champions plaque before packing into wood crate.
  • Crating Derrick Thomas football jersey in glass case.
  • Original football & baseball stadium where The Beatles played on Sep 17 1964.
  • Paper wrapping Indian Statue for indestructible box crate.
  • Glass case holding jacket for packing into wood crate.
  • 6 football bust sculptures for packing into wood crates.
  • Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl IV trophy.
  • Paper wrapping bronze bust sculpture for packing into indestructible box crate for storage during stadium renovations.
  • Washington Redskins  bar stool autographed by Trent Green.
  • Pennant before packing and crating.
  • 1962 AFL Champions plaque at stadium measured for indestructible box crate.
  • Sculpture of wood baseball player.
  • Measuring sports memorabilia for indestructible box crate.
  • Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame players.
  • Superbowl III winners showing Joe Namath's autograph on paper for packing into export crate.