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All stained glass art is carefully packaged before packing inside our wooden crates.

Paper protects the finish, bubble wrap protects the artwork inside the crate, and stretch wrap keeps everything in place for easy loading and unloading.

We place foam lining around the edges, then attach shock sensors to alert handlers they must be careful.

Use our online price calculator to get a guaranteed price, then call us today for on-site custom crating!

  • Lighted stained glass panel installed behind bar.
  • Before removal for crating.
  • Removed from wall and resting on packing paper.
  • Wrapping glass art in paper before crating.
  • Bubble wrap and stretch wrap over stained glass wall art before packing into indestructible box crate.
  • Custom cutting foam edges to protect stained glass in indextructible wooden box crate.
  • Fully protected stained glass in crate with void fill and shock resistant packaging.
  • Fitting half of lid on stained glass crate.
  • Attaching lid with screw gun on wooden crate.
  • Corners of indestructible box wood crate have added protection.
  • Due to it's large size, the lid is 2 pieces on the wood crate.
  • Crate stands on it's own with reinforced corners.
  • Stained glass in cault like solid wall wood crate with foam edges for shipping.
  • Antique stained glass  window from a church.
  • Preparing stained glass window from church for packing into wood crate.
  • Bubble wrapping stained glass art before packing into crate.
  • Church window in cardboard lined domestic slat crate.
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