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From family heirlooms to priceless auctions, we have the experience to pack and crate fragile Furniture.

The staff at Kansas City Crates are experts in protecting ornate structures and delicate finishes during transport.

These photos are just a few of the Furniture pieces we have packed and crated over the years.

  • Measuring furniture width for crate
  • Measuring depth of lions foot cabinet for export crate.
  • Two views of leaded glass and lions foot.
  • Void filling leaded glass armoire before moving to crate.
  • Bubble and stretch wrapped leaded glass cabinet loaded into crate
  • Fully wrapped leaded glass cabinet inside crate with bracing ready to seal shut.
  • Closing moving crate with full wrapped leaded glass cabinet inside.
  • Detailed view of lions head in crown of furniture.
  • Close up view of lion head hand carved into antique furniture.
  • Original glass in antique china cabinet being measured for crating.
  • Original glass in cabinets are prepared for wrapping before crating of the furniture.
  • Upper half of china cabinet prepared for crating.
  • Antique hand carved cabinet with reversible door for summer or winter seasons before crating.
  • View of hand carved China cabinet wrapped and packed inside shipping crate before closing of crate.
  • Fully wrapped tall china cabinet being placed in export crate before packing of crate.
  • Two views of Antique furniture fully wrapped and packed inside vault like crate.
  • Antique furniture fully wrapped inside foam lined vault like export crate.
  • Two ISPM-15 furniture crates maked and labeled for export.
  • Antique shelf unit laid on blanket and paper pads before wrapping.
  • Corner shelf unit wrapped in paper, bubble wrapped and stretch wrapped ready to be loaded into ISPM-15 export crate.
  • Antique cabinet fully wrapped and ready to seal ISPM-15 crate for moving.
  • Furniture crate marked for export.
  • View of handmade wood buffet before crating.
  • Wood pegs that hold upper shelf in place on buffet.
  • Foam is added as support to upper buffet cabinet and protect from damage.
  • Paper, bubble and stretch wrap protect antique wood buffet top before packing into crate.
  • View of antique wood buffet top being packed into crate before crate is sealed shut.
  • Photo of antique furniture buffet top in sealed ISPM-15 export crate marked for customs.
  • Original Antique Kathisma Cathedral Chairs from Great Ascension Cathedral Moscow Russia before crating for storage during renovations at Mansion in Kansas City.
  • Antique hand carved serving bar for alcohol.
  • Hand painted Chinese Secretary before crating.
  • Antique wood Fireplace mantel with Pilasters and hand carved frieze board.
  • Antique wood Pulpit of Evangelist William Ashley Billy Sunday before crating and shipment to Texas for seminar.
  • Wrapping of antique wood serving buffet at Fort Leavenworth KS.
  • Foam corners added to wood buffet before packing into crate at Fort Leavenworth KS
  • Vault like export crate of furniture marked for customs.
  • Antique wood armoire with original glass before crating.
  • Antique vanity table furniture before crating.
  • View with seats up of original Antique Kathisma Cathedral Chairs from Great Ascension Cathedral Moscow Russia before crating for storage during renovations at Mansion in Kansas City.
  • Dolphin and Boar Hunt circa 1860 solid oak cabinet before crating for international shipment to Paris France
  • Vanity on paper pads to be wrapped for crate.
  • Antique vanity with trays wrapped in paper before crating.
  • Antique vanity bubble wrapped for crate.
  • Antique vanity with second layer of bubble wrap before packing into wood crate.
  • Securing packaging on antique vanity before crating.
  • Packing furniture into crate.
  • Paper wrapping leather top coffee table
  • Gold trim on antique table
  • Paper pads protect the finish on furniture during crating.
  • Lowering fully wrapped furniture into solid wall wood crate.
  • Gold table on paper to wrap for crate
  • antique vanity with trays wrapped in paper before crating.
  • Bubble wrapped gold table ready for wood crate.
  • Vault like wood crate containing antique furniture.
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