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Due to its size and weight, you must crate the slate of a Billiard table before moving.

Our economical Domestic Slat Crates are ideal for this item. This type of crate can be custom built on-site.

Do-it-yourselfers and professional installers can purchase direct from slate crates.

Our QUALITY CRATE KITS include everything you need to safely move your slate. All sizes are in stock and available for immediate pickup.

  • Open view of foam lined domestic slat crate for pool table slate.
  • 3 slate crates built on-site for pool table.
  • 3 crates lined up for loading of slate once removed from billiard table base.
  • Open view of cardboard lined crate to protect slate (playing) surface during transport.
  • Picture of slate standing on edge in crate.
  • Italian slate with wood frame laying on cardboard in slat crate before packing.
  • Pool table slate in crate with foam on corners to protect it during transport.
  • Slate in crate with foam lining and cardboard sides to protect it during transport.
  • Boards fastened to crate to hold billiard slate in place during transit.
  • Second view of closing pool table slate crate.
  • Slate crates at home in Leawood KS
  • Snooker billiard table disassembled and slate crates sitting on flooring protection waiting for moving.
  • Pool table with parts wrapped and slate crated on flooring protection after disassembly.
  • On site crate company cuts wood for crate building
  • CIrca 1950s Brunswick logo on billiard table rail.
  • Exposed square head siderail bolt after brass bolt cover removed.
  • Close up view of slate edge with interlocking pin used to join billiard slates together.
  • Removing slate from base of Brunswick table circa 1920.
  • Recovering slate on Antique Brunswick table with roll of linen backed playing cloth.
  • Correct fold of playing cloth on side rail pocket for Brusnwick Billiard Table.
  • Close up view of playing cloth fastened at corner pocket after slate uncrating and installation.
  • Assembled view of Antique Brunswick Billiard table after slate installation.
  • Leather pockets on Antique Brunswick poll table after crating, moving and recovering.
  • Connelly Billiards table before disassembly and slate crating.
  • American Heritage Billiard Table with gold color playing cloth.
  • Two tone side rails removed from billiard table to expose slate crews.
  • Two tone Brunswick Snooker table before disassembly and crating.
  • Brunswick Snooker Billiard Table after crating and moving with new two tone playing cloth.
  • Table reassembled after moving and crating with Titanium color playing cloth by Championship Billiards.
  • After moving and crating of Brusnwick pool table.
  • Deluxe Olhausen Billiards table after crating and assembly.
  • Two tone red and black slate pool table after moving and crating.
  • Fine Brunswick Standard Billiard Table after crating and moving recovered with Simonis Playing Cloth.
  • Table assembled after moving and crating.
  • Antique Brunswick Monarch Superspeed cushion after removal of rail cloth.
  • Setting base of pool before slate installation.
  • View of screw removed to release slate from base for crating.
  • Slate screws must be removed to take slate off table base.
  • Aligning second piece of slate on table base after moving and crating.
  • Antique name plate of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company at head of billiard table on rail.
  • Antique Brunswick Monarch Superspeed cushion after felt is removed from rail.
  • Exposing slate screws to remove slate for crating.
  • Replacing felt on table after moving and crating the slate.
  • Close up view of correct way to fold cloth on corner of bumper after moving and crating the slate.
  • Bumper removed from Goldenwest Billiards table for access to slate to crate.
  • Smooth playing cloth installation at corner of slate after moving and crating.
  • Fitting new playing felt over slate table after moving and crating.
  • Replacing playing cloth on Antique Snooker Table Rail after moving and crating slate.
  • Rail on bench with featherstrip removed replacing felt.
  • View of corner pocket rail recovered after moving and crating of slate.
  • On-site crating of slate and pool table recovering.
  • New playing cloth on rails in back of on-site crating truck.
  • After moving and crating slate new cloth is put on corner pocket edge.
  • Recovering table after moving and crating of slate.
  • Trimming off excess playing cloth after installing slate removed from crate.
  • Fastening playing cloth on corner after installing slate from crate.
  • New roll of linen backed playing cloth for Antique Brusnwick Billiard Table after crating slate.
  • Brunswick Monarch Superspeed rail cushion with cloth removed.
  • Watermark on bumper rubber from antique billiards table.
  • Bumper cushion repaired before recovering on Antique Brunswick Billiard Table after moving and crating.
  • Clamping cloth to straight edge to cut for installation after moving and crating of billiard slate.
  • After slate removed for crating view of corner hardware for base of Antique Brunswick Billiard Table.
  • View of slate edge showing pin hole on Antique Brunswick Billiard table.
  • Sanding off old glue to replace rubber on rail after moving and crating.
  • Replacing rubber on bumper after moving and crating slate.
  • Cutting correct corner angle of new bumper rubber with T-square on rail after moving and crating slate.
  • Close up view of new rubber cut a side pocket position of rail on slate table.
  • 4 of 6 rails with new rubber waiting for cloth installation after moving and crating slate.
  • 1 piece of 3 piece slate Connelly billiards table in crate before moving.
  • Italian slate in crate for moving.
  • Slate in crate standing on edge showing square assembly.
  • Slate removed from Heritage Billiards Table base for crating  at home in Leawood KS.
  • Positioning slate in crate before placing foam to protect corners.
  • Finishing disassembly of Snooker table with slate in crate resting on cardboard waiting  for transport.
  • Nameplate on Brusnwick Billiards Table circa 1960.
  • Name plate on antique slate pool table by AE Schmidt, America's 50th oldest family owned business.
  • Playing cloth and slate screws removed before crating of slate.
  • Name plate on two tone playing cloth after moving, crating slate and assembly of slate table.
  • Crate made for slate top of pool table built on-site at home in Lee's Summit MO
  • Professional assembly of crates on-site with commercial equipment.
  • Buy our slate crate kits direct and save money.
  • Do it yourself with our low cost crate kits for your slate.
  • Cash and carry pricing for professional crates with everything you need to safely move your slate.
  • Get the same crates the manufactures use at low cost directly from
  • Available for 7', 8' 9' and 10' slate tables.
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