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  • On-site crate truck parked outside stadium
  • Mansion in Mission Hills KS
  • Executive Assistant at Mansion in Mission Hills KS
  • Crate team applying labels to crates
  • Sweeping up after project is finished
  • Before photo of large project at Mansion in Loch Lloyd MO.
  • Packing crate at Mansion in Loch Lloyd KS
  • Empty rooms after crate project at Mansion in Loch Lloyd MO
  • Phase 2 of large project
  • Export vault crates at mansion rennovations
  • Un-crating and recycling crate for fine art store during rennovations
  • Export crates by fountain
  • Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City MO
  • Arrowhead stadium Rennovations
  • Packing crate inside suite at Arrowhead Stadium
  • Indestructible box crates in apartment at Arrowhead Stadium
  • Crates on loading dock at Arrowhead Stadium
  • large crate project a mansion in Mission Hills KS
  • Photo of 60 crates at Mansion in Smithville MO
  • Overhead photo of Arrowhead Stadium rennovations
  • Mission Hills home before crate project
  • Crating bust sculptures at large home
  • Flooring protection on stone floor
  • Project management paperwork
  • Work photo of job in progress at large crate project.
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