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  • Vault like protection
  • Vibration isolation protects glass tubes
  • Shock sensors monitor entire handling process
  • Removal & Installation

A Neon sign is extremely fragile glass tubes hand bent into complex shapes.

Repairs are very expensive and cost more than the sign itself, if even possible.

Kansas City Crates protects your prized neon sign with solid wall crates using vibration isolation to immobilize the artwork.

  • Lighted sign before packing and crating.
  • Budweiser neon sign lighted on wall before packing and crating.
  • Lighted neon art of Cerner Corporation Logo packing into wood crate in Kansas City
  • Packing neon art of Cerner Corporation logo into solid wall wood crate at home in Kansas City.
  • Packing glass tubes of neon sign with bubble wrap before crating.
  • Bubble wrapping neon sign after glass tubes are protected with packing paper.
  • Fully wrapped neon sign inside crate filled with bubble wrap.
  • Neon sign protected by packing and solid wall crate.
  • Vault like crate with solid wall protection for neon sign shipping to California.
  • Neon sign safely packed in crate for shipping.
  • Lighted Miller Lite sign
  • Packling Miller Lite sign with tissue paper to protect glass tubes inside crate.
  • Delicate glass artowrk of neon sign protected with tissue paper before wrapping and packing inside crate.
  • Wrapped neon art in vault like crate.
  • Crate filled with bubble wrap protecting neon art inside.
  • Two views of Rolling Rock neon sign being crated for shipping.
  • Neon sign bubble wrapped inside vault like wood crate for shipping.
  • Open view of crate with neon art inside.
  • Placing neon sign on paper to pack glass tubes
  • Neon sign protected with bubble wrap in wooden crate.
  • Lighted neon sign before packing into crate.
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