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Foam Peanuts are the perfect solution for many packing & crating challenges.

Foam peanuts surround and cushion hard to pack objects like Chandeliers and Light Fixtures by filtering down inside the crate for maximum void fill.

We use anti-static peanuts when needed, and environmentally friendly biodegradable/recycled foam peanuts when available.

  • Chandelier hanging from suspension bar inside export crate being filled with foam peanuts.
  • Greg Brown evening out foam peanuts over Chiefs superbowl winning moment
  • Fully packed antique chandelier protected with biodegradable packing peanuts in solid wall export crate.
  • Positioning bag for foam peanuts around chandelier hanging in crate to eliminate movement of fixture during transport.
  • Two views of fine French porcelin chandelier fully bagged in foam peanuts hanging from brace inside export crate at home.
  • Chandelier crate filled with peanuts to eliminate movement during transport.
  • Top view of chandelier crate showing heavy duty hook and foam peanuts.
  • Lid fastened onto large chandelier crate that is marked for transport.
  • Screwing lid closed on solid wall export crate at home in Desoto KS  66018
  • Antique crate hanging in solid wall crate with bobeches protected with bubble wrap laying on top of biodegradable packing peanuts.
  • dressed chandelier in bag of foam peanuts
  • chandelier crate full of foam peanuts
  • iron chandelier in bag of foam peanuts
  • top of chandelier crates filled with foam peanuts
  • combo crate with foam peanuts
  • combo crate with 3 wall sconces topped with foam peanuts
  • chandelier crate filled with foam peanuts
  • bottom of export crate filled with foam peanuts
  • bubble and shrink wrapped longhorns in export crate filled with foam peanuts
  • filling chandelier crate with foam peanuts
  • bags and bags of foam peanuts in truck at jobsite
  • waterford crystal chandelier in bag of foam peanuts suspended in export crate
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