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  • Open view of combo crate during production that combines smaller items into single crate to reduce transportation costs.
  • Marble pedestal in foam lined combo crate.
  • Packing wrapped marble column in combo crate.
  • Two fully packed marble pedestals in combo crate to reduce transportation costs.
  • Top view of foam peanuts with sconces mounted inside of combo crate.
  • Packing peanuts protect delicate shades of sconces mounted in combo crate.
  • Open view of 3 delicate light fixtures mounted in combo crate before adding packing peanuts.
  • Before packing peanuts are added to crate.
  • Two light fixtures hanging from top of combo crate with view of side panel removed.
  • Three items combined into one crate to reduce transportation costs.
  • Combo crate ready for shipping.
  • View before closing crate filled with packing peanuts containing three delicate light fixtures.

Combo crates are a Kansas City Crates exclusive!

Available for Export Crate & Indestructible Box styles, Combo Crates save money without compromising your protection.

Our advanced in-house software examines waste reduction to indentify similar items that may be crated together.

Let's face it, anyone can run your bill up by selling you more crates, where is the value in that? We employ intelligent information processing and design custom quality combo crates to lower your overall costs without raising ours, everybody wins!

Call Kansas City Crates today, there IS a reason we are number 1.

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