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Bubble Wrap cushions fragile or sensitive objects by providing shock absorption and vibration isolation during transit.

Anti-static bubble wrap is used for computer components to dissipate static charge and protect the sensitive electronic chips from damage.

Plus, kids (and some adults) enjoy popping the bubble wrap at destination for entertainment and stress relief :)

  • Antique vanity with second layer of bubble wrap before packing into wood crate.
  • half inch bubble wrap over painting wrapped in paper
  • 3/8 inch bubble wrap unrolled on floor
  • John and Greg laying out bubble wrap for artwork
  • biodegradeable bubble wrap being folded over for double protection
  • Fragile antique mirror will be surrounded with bubble wrap inside of wood crate.
  • Foam padding will elevate antique mirror above crate lined with bubble wrap.
  • large bubble wrap of antique before crate
  • Bubble wrapping neon sign after glass tubes are protected with packing paper.
  • polaris ATV motorcycle in biodegradeable bubble wrap on pallet
  • organ in biodegradeable bubble wrap for crate
  • collectible in bubble wrap before crating
  • remington bronze bubble wrapped in export crate
  • fish tank being packaged in bubble wrap for crating
  • bubble wrap as void fill in domestic slat crate
  • wood carving with bubble wrap over paper wrap
  • large painting with 2 layers of bubble wrap
  • bubble wrap small print on blanket over marble floor
  • fireplace hearth bubble wrapped in domestic slat crate
  • La Madeleine France ceramic vase bubble wrapped
  • octagon shaped mirror bubble wrapped
  • antique grandfather clock bubble wrapped before shipment to Alaska
  • 2 stages of clock bubble wrapped and stretched wrapped in export crate for shipment to Alaska
  • marble column bubble wrapped inside domestic slat crate with foam floor
  • stained glass window from church in New Mexico bubble wrapped before crating
  • careful folding of bubble wrap around artwork to fit inside crate
  • excited child just given all the bubble wrap from the grandfather clock we moved
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