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  • Lift Van Type II Container
  • IPPC stamped, ISPM-15 For International Trade
  • Assembled On-site
  • Ringshank Nailed & Stapled
  • Caulked/Weatherproof
  • 4-Way Fork lift access
  • Sling-hoist Handling
  • 87" High (OD)
  • 85" Wide (OD)
  • 45" Deep (OD)
  • 195 Cubic Foot
  • Crate builders position base of Lift Van Type II Storage Vault for assembly
  • Preparing for assembly of Lift Van Type II storage vault at home in Kansas CIty KS 66112
  • Pieces are assembled on-site at home
  • Crate builders move sidewall of storage vault into position for assembly
  • Sidewall of storage vault is made at crate shop and assembled on-site
  • Pneumatic nailer assembling vault with ringshank nails for solid construction.
  • Crate builders carry third wall of Lift Van Type II storage vault
  • IPPC-ISPM-15 Storage vault is air nailed for solid construction.
  • SDDC approved #218 & #234 vault is made of all heat treated materials for international trade.
  • Finishing 195 cubic feet storage container with 4 way fork lift access
  • Pneumatic nails assemble Lift Van Type II vault
  • Pneumatic stapler attaches heat treated plywood of vault.
  • Crate builder adds heavy plastic lining in vault to prevent moisture damage to contents
  • Inside of Lift Van Type II Storage vault is lined with heavy plastic by crate builder wearing safety glass and protective gloves
  • Heavy plastic is smoothed out while stapled to vault
  • Plastic is neatly attached to inside of Lift Van Type II Storage vault by crate builder on-site
  • Crate builder at home in Kansas City KS after assembly of storage vault on-site
  • Traffic cones marked truck during on-site assembly of Lift Van Type II Storage Vault
  • On-site crate builders load up ladders and equipment after completing assembly of Lift Van Type II storage vault
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